Places to visit in Wayanad
  1. Thirunelli Temple
  2. Dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu, Thirunelli Temple is an ancient temple on the side of Brahmagiri hill in Kerala. Surrounded by mountains and beautiful forest, Thirunelli Temple is situated at an altitude of about 900 m in north Wayanad in a valley, located 32 kilometers away from Mananthavady.

  3. Banasura Sagar Dam
  4. The largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia, Banasura Sagar Dam, is an important tourist attraction, located about 21 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad District of Kerala. Composed of huge piles of stones and rocks, the Banasur Sagar Dam is a part of the Indian Banasura Sagar Project with a dam and a canal project.

    The project aims to support the Kakkayam Hydro Electric Power Project and to meet the demand for irrigation and drinking water in a water-deficit region during seasonal dry periods. The dam reservoir consists of a group of islands that were formed when the areas around the reservoir were submerged.

    Banasura Sagar Dam is named after Mahabali’s son Banasura, who according to local Hindu mythology, was a highly respected king of Kerala. Many famous temples like Sri Nath Temple, Sri Ayyappa Temple, and Nerur Shiva Temple are very close to the dam.

  5. Edakkal Caves
  6. Situated 1200 meters above sea level on Ambukutty Mala, Edakkal Caves also Edakal are two natural caves at Edakkal, Wayanad. Edakkal caves are believed to be the shelters of the Neolithic community.

    The caves were discovered by Fred Fawcett, Superintendent of Police, Malabar District in 1896. The cave walls contain a collection of Neolithic rock engravings and images, including stars, planets, triangles, squares, crossed, wheel, and pottery with strange shapes.

  7. Chembra Peak
  8. At an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level, Chembra Peak is one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats and Wayanad hills, located near the town of Meppadi and about 8 kilometers south of Kalpetta. Chembra Peak is part of the Wayanad hill ranges in the Nilgiri Hills in Kozhikode district and the Western Ghats adjoining Vellarimala.

    Chembra Peak is more than 2,100 meters high and the highest peak between the Western Ghats of India and the Nilgiris and Himalayas.

  9. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. The second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wayanad, Kerala. Spread over an area of about 345 square kilometers, the Wildlife Sanctuary houses some of the rare and endangered species of both flora and fauna.

    Various wild animals such as Indian bison, elephant, deer, tiger and quite unusual birds are also found here. Established in 1973, the wildlife sanctuary comes under protected elephants and herds of elephants can also be seen roaming the area.

    Separated into two disconnected parts, known as the North Wildlife Sanctuary and South Wildlife Sanctuary, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is bordered by a preserved area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka in the northeast and on the southeast by Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu.

  11. Soochipara Falls
  12. Surrounded by deciduous, evergreen, and montane forests, Soochipara Falls is a three-tiered waterfall in Vellarimala, Wayanad. Soochipara (Soochi meaning Needle and Para meaning Rock) Falls, also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wayanad, Kerala.

  13. Kuruvadweep
  14. Home to rare species of birds and herbal plants, Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island is surrounded by River Kabini, located about 17 km east of Mananthavady. Spread about 950 acres in area, Kuruvadweep consists of three densely wooded isolated islands and some submerged satellite islands.

    Consists of dense and evergreen forest, the island is surrounded by freshwater. The entrance to the Kuruvadweep is restricted and monitored by the Forest Department of Kerala, an initiative to preserve the forest.

  15. Sulthan Bathery
  16. One of the popular tourist destinations in Kerala, Sulthan Bathery is a town in Wayanad district, near the borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. Formerly known as Sultan’s Battery and Ganapathivattam, The Sulthan Bathery lies on the Kozhikode Kollegal National Highway.

    Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Sulthan Bathery boasts spectacular valley, rocks, and majestic hills. Historical caves, forest trails, sparkling rivers, hills, and lush greenery are the main attractions for tourists.

  17. Pookode Lake
  18. One of the most popular tourist spots in Wayanad, Pookode Lake is a scenic freshwater lake, spread across an area of 8.5 hectares, with a depth of 6.5 meters. Located at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level, Pookode Lake is the smallest and highest altitude fresh water lake in Kerala, located about 15 kilometers away from Kalpetta.

    A prime tourist destination in the district, amidst evergreen forests and hilly slopes, Pookode is a natural freshwater lake. The lake is under the forest division of South Wayanad and managed by the District Tourism Promotion Council. The tourist attractions in the area include a boating, freshwater aquarium, craft and emporium spices, and parks.

  19. Lakkidi View Point
  20. Located about 32 kilometers from Wayanad, Lakkidi View Point is a rain forest located in Wayanad district, Kerala. Often referred to as the Gateway to Wayanad, Lakkidi is one of the highest locations in Wayanad and situated 700 meters above sea level.

    Many species are found in this area, including rare birds, lion-tailed macaques, little green heron, Indian shrugs, and pond heron.

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