Kerala Wayanad Banasura Sagar Dam
Banasura Sagar Dam
Dam Road, PO, Vasudeva Edom, Pozhuthana, Kerala 670731 [Direction]

The largest earth dam in India and the second largest in Asia, Banasura Sagar Dam, is an important tourist attraction, located about 21 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad District of Kerala. Composed of huge piles of stones and rocks, the Banasur Sagar Dam is a part of the Indian Banasura Sagar Project with a dam and a canal project.

The project aims to support the Kakkayam Hydro Electric Power Project and to meet the demand for irrigation and drinking water in a water-deficit region during seasonal dry periods. The dam reservoir consists of a group of islands that were formed when the areas around the reservoir were submerged.

Banasura Sagar Dam is named after Mahabali’s son Banasura, who according to local Hindu mythology, was a highly respected king of Kerala. Many famous temples like Sri Nath Temple, Sri Ayyappa Temple, and Nerur Shiva Temple are very close to the dam.

INR 10 per Person
Entry Fee
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

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